During the lifting operations of goods and ariel jobs, you can use various types of auxiliary machines and equipment. The equipment which most companies and industries use for lifting the goods or workers upside to specific or variable heights are different depending upon job applications. These can be hydraulic lift platforms, forklifts, goods lifts, scissor lift tables and many more. However, the usage of a trailing boom lift is more for outdoor and industrial work sites. The trailing articulating boom lift is comparatively larger in size and is not easy to move. That’s why the most common use of this lift is outdoors. But the advantages of this tracked boom lift¬†are unique, which other lifting equipment don’t possess. Let’s discuss some of tracked boom lifts’ significant benefits, their power sources, and rotary platform.


Although there are some other benefits of articulated boom lifts, the three significant ones are given below. These benefits are:

  • Multiple power sources
  • Powerful hydraulic outriggers
  • 360-degree rotary platform

Rotary platform

The other ordinary or scissor lifts can move only in upside or downward directions. But this trailing or spider boom lift can rotate as well as elevate. This lift can complete the rotation of 360 degrees in the air, which can be highly beneficial for compact work operations. All you need is an expert operator who can control the lift using the buttons inside. Now there is no need to turn the body of the lift. That’s why you can perform a wide variety of operations by placing it on the pivot point. It has made work convenient and saved a lot of time in industrial applications.

Hydraulic outriggers

Hydraulic outriggers play an essential role in the stability of this lift. Ordinary lifts in the market or industries don’t possess outriggers which can be dangerous if you perform the job at maximum height. Those regular lifts can be shaky, only over 10 meters in height. But the towable articulated boom lift is beneficial in this regard as these lifts possess four outriggers that hold the platform and arms of the lift firmly to the ground. Whether you are working in a place where you can get certain types of thrusts due to running heavy machinery like a gas turbine or working in an uneven area, the outriggers will adjust the configuration for you and make the job convenient.

Power sources

Articulating boom lifts can use alternating current (AC) or direct current (DC) to power the motor. But in case of a power shortage or other troubles, it can also work on diesel. Diesel engines can be attached with a tracked boom lift, and the lift can make it possible to overcome the limitations of power and can give you multiple power options. However, if you are working where electricity is unavailable, then powering the lift with a diesel engine will be all you need. These lifts can be customized depending on the requirements of the industry or construction company. You can get information from online websites if you want to know what kind of lift would fit best for your work.

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